About Us

DigiRev Digital Marketing Training Academy is the arm of Express with Words, a leading online content marketing company. We provide comprehensive training of internet marketing covering all the fundamentals and nitty-gritty of modern day digital marketing and beyond. Our qualified and experienced trainers have been serving the online marketing arena for more than a decade.
The astutely developed training syllabus is structured in a unique way – it perfectly fits with the current and futuristic digital world requirements. We provide extensive hands-on practice to the trainees with ample exposure to projects in order to polish their skills.

Why You Should Do This Digital Marketing Certification Course?

  1. As print marketing is declining with each passing day, do you wish to be left out?
  2. With every business shifting towards digital medium, there’s a new span of career taking shape in India.
  3. Digital marketing industry is estimated to generate more than 2.4 lakh jobs by year-end and 20 lakh jobs by the year 2020.
  4. Overwhelming demand, inadequate supply. Nearly 80% of the digital marketing agency owners state that Indian industry is running short of talent.
  5. Soon by the year 2020, the world will go all-digital. All business houses, be it small or big, across the globe will boast online presence resulting in a creation of countless career opportunities.
  6. Digital media industry is shooting up with a high 40% growth rate, while the other industries struggle at a paltry growth rate of 5% to 10%. This trickles down to the opening of more than 20 lakh career opportunities in India.

Why Us?

The secret of our digital marketing training? It’s our vision. And our people. We tend to transform careers through pioneering, experimental education in today’s most in-demand skills. And our people, who not only know their stuff well, but also they know how to get the best from others.
So we look for more than certificates and diplomas when adding trainers and consultants to our team. Our trainers feel passionate about what they do, and we are ready to share that passion and knowledge with you.
We merely don’t believe in the technical delivery of basic campaigns, but we also aim to unlock the leadership, management, culture and creativity around digital marketing.

What You Get 

  1. You will be awarded with certifications from Google Adwords, Hubspot and Express with Words – one of India’s leading content & digital marketing firm.
  2. Training imparted by industry expert trainers
  3. More focus on practical training
  4. Top notch fully equipped training infrastructure and ambience
  5. Free training course study material
  6. Convenient batch timings as per your suitability
  7. Doubt clearing session with trainer every month
  8. Practice room facility (before or after training class)
  9. Job assistance after successful clearing of the assessments
  10. Three months internship offered after successful completion of course (for bright candidates)
  11. Hands-on experience to all students
  12. Learn how to make money online

Who Can Take Up This Course?

The courses we provide are specially designed for enthusiastic entrepreneurs and those working in the field marketing or advertising. They’re also great as a preparation for those seeking to work this field or if you’re starting an online business.
More than that, we love to work with people who love to learn! People who believe in life-long learning and can come back to the classroom regardless of age and say: Teach me!
Get in touch and tell us how we can help.